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Sales Tax – Class: Full Range from Entry to ERP

Best Fit

Avalara’s products fit a large range of businesses that have a statutory requirement to calculate, report, and remit sales, use, or VAT tax. AvaTax, Avalara’s end-to-end transactional tax management service, is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution — eliminating the need for installation within the business and maintenance of tax tables within accounting products. The product is natively integrated into more than 85 popular accounting software products and is also available as a service for eCommerce, mCommerce, and point-of-sale (POS) applications.


Sales tax complexity varies by state and tax jurisdiction. Currently, there are over 14,000 U.S. tax jurisdictions, each with a correlating set of tax statutes and regulations, including rates and rules. These taxing regions are the foundation for accurate sales tax calculation and compliance. Prior to taxing regions, businesses used ZIP codes for determining the appropriate rates and rules to apply to a sales transaction. Designed by the United States Postal Service for efficient mail delivery, postal zip codes are not an accurate means or sufficient to determine sales tax liability. The only accurate methodology is to use geo-location technologies. With sophisticated address validation capabilities, Avalara’s sales tax management engine can make jurisdictional assignments based on a roof-top address or a latitude/longitude coordinate.

Avalara’s compliance teams maintain comprehensive research for country, state, county, city, and special tax jurisdictions. This extensive sales tax research provides up-to-date rates, boundary, sourcing rules, and taxability information that is updated routinely and provided on the effective date without any maintenance by the customer due to the SaaS delivery model. Most organizations do not have the expertise on staff nor sufficient staff to do the appropriate research. Even when tax rate data is purchased, the accuracy can be questionable without geo-location information, and most software products do not have this capability. AvaTax fixes this deficiency in accounting products.

AvaTax quickly applies sales tax calculations to the invoice, online shopping cart, or other sales document, working in the background via a secure, encrypted Internet connection. The setup inside most accounting software is no more than substituting a tax schedule with the word AvaTax and the selection of states in which the business has nexus. This makes the product quick and easy to set up.

Brief Product Description and Pricing

AvaTax is an Internet-based solution that integrates seamlessly with your on-site or Cloud-based accounting system. Its unique method of applying sales tax based on your nexus and other data down to the actual street address is a significant benefit of this product.

Pricing varies based on the accounting software with which it is interfaced and the volume of sales transactions processed. For specific pricing information based on your accounting application, call Avalara toll-free at 877-780-4848.

Technical Specifications

  • Windows Vista and higher client preferred. No special computer equipment is needed.
  • High-speed Internet connection is required.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

AvaTax, Avalara’s end-to-end sales tax management service, seamlessly integrates with leading accounting, eCommerce, POS, and mCommerce software products including Epicor 9, Epicor Enterprise, Epicor CRS Retail Suite, Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, Microsoft Dynamics™ AX, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Intuit’s QuickBooks, NetSuite, Intacct, Open Systems OSAS, Open Systems TRAVERSE, SYSPRO, Exact Macola Progression, Exact Macola EX, Exact Globe, Pronto, Sage Software’s Sage 50 (US Edition), Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300,Sage 500 ERP, and Sage X3. AvaTax has a non-invasive interface to your specific ERP, eCommerce, mCommerce, or POS systems with no risk to data or accounting system integrity. AvaTax returns the amount of sales and use tax calculated which is then incorporated into the ERP internal process.

In additional to AvaTax, Avalara offers a suite of transactional tax compliance solutions.
-AvaTax Returns™ – AvaTax Returns is a fully outsourced managed returns service that allows tax departments to view, modify, and approve returns for submission to tax jurisdictions.
– AvaTax Certs™ – AvaTax Certs delivers a powerful way of managing your customers’ exemption certificates: online, immediately and electronically.
– TrustFile™ – Acquired by Avalara in August 2007, TrustFile offers a simple, inexpensive solution that automates sales tax e-filing and e-payment within one application.

Company History and Contact Information

Avalara evolved from Advantage Solutions, Inc., an ERP implementation and development consulting company started in 1999 by Rory Rawlings, a CPA, software developer, and integrator of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

At that time, Rawlings detected a huge unmet need among small and medium-size businesses (SMB) for an efficient and affordable way to manage the transactional tax process. Given that many SMB’s were automating and outsourcing their payroll processes, Rawlings figured there must be a way to harness Internet technologies and to do the same with sales and use tax.

Rawlings went on to build a tax decision engine that took into account the more than 11,000 tax jurisdictions and intricate taxability and nexus rules – and delivered a product with an accurate sales tax rate in sub-one second time. This affordable automated sales tax solution proved to be as fast, easy, and accurate as expensive enterprise alternatives.

In 2004, Scott McFarlane and Jared Vogt became partners with Rawlings and launched Avalara, a founding member and Certified Service Provider of the Streamlined Sales Tax initiative and one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Today, Avalara employs more than 275 professionals at its headquarters on Bainbridge Island, WA, and offices in Seattle; Irvine, San Diego, and Rocklin, CA; Falls Church, VA; and Pune, India.

Avalara currently serves more than 60,000 registered users globally and calculates VAT, sales, and use taxes on more than 750 million transactions annually. It also manages more than 1.5 million exemption certificates, submits approximately 500,000 returns, and files and remits nearly $10 billion in sales and use tax collections per year. AvaTax is recommended by more than 1,600 software resellers, accountants, and solution and development partners.

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